User Controls

Various panels use the same user controls for certain operations.

HTML Cleaning Options

Help    help control

Located at the bottom right corner of each panel, the questionmark icon allows you to get quick help in a modal window. From here you can access a more detailed explanation in a new browser tab.

Add New    add new item icon

The plus icon allows you to add a new item. It's used in the Tag Manager to add a new tag to the editor and in the Find and replace tool to create a new substitution rule. The entry can be removed with the recycle bin button.

Checkbox    checkbox

Checkboxes are marked with grey dots and they are used to activate and disable the operation that it's linked to.

Execute    execute

Clicking the triangle in the blue circle executes the action assigned to it.

Execute all    execute all icon

Located in the header section of the panels, this icon is used to execute all active (checked) functions in the panel.

Minimize / Move Up    minimize up

These icons can be found in the top right corner of each panel and they let you customize the control panel. Hide a panel with the Minimize and retrieve it from the task manager. Use the Up icon to send a panel to the top of the list.

Minimize / Maximize All    minimize up

Hide or show all panels with a single click using the +/- icons above the panel list.